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Future Uncertain
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When Draco Malfoy makes a crash landing back into Harry's life, Harry's plans for the war against Voldemort get thrown into disarray. Now, amidst shifting loyalties and horrible secrets, everyone is confronted with the repercussions of their actions, and it becomes clear just how uncertain the future is.
This community was created to house a Harry Potter fanfiction called Future Uncertain. It is set in seventh year and will be very, very long, so be warned. Chapters, as of now, will (might) be updated roughly every two weeks, but this depends on how crazy our lives get. The final ships are currently ambiguous but some slash will be included. It will eventually be rated R. We welcome everyone to friend this community (and we'll probably jump up and down in delight if you do) but, in order to keep this place clean and tidy, only the three of us will be able to post/be members.
In the spirit of taking co-writing to extremes, this fic was written by not one, not two, but three insane individuals. They are;

spasmodicdb, more commonly known as Dusty:
She was a (fairly) normal teenage girl until she met the following two, and her life has never been the same. Among other things, it now includes an unhealthy love of both pretty gay boys and nutella - often at the same time - long stays in the gutter, and the loss of whatever innocence she might have had (its existence is still being debated). She happily resides in the wonderfully liberal (if somewhat cold) lands of New York state with her laptop and beloved books. Her greatest wish is to be a starving artist in NYC (supported only by Abbey's doctor salary) and live on a sparkly elephant. No, you shouldn't ask.

Abbey is tragically obsessed with Draco Malfoy, coffee, Queer as Folk, and Oscar Wilde. She wants nothing more than to move far away from the debilitating heat of Texas, somewhere where she can dress in pretty coats and flowing scarves before going out to dance in the snow (rather than in random ice pellets, wtf Texas). She is partial to Harry/Draco (boyfighting is quite possibly her biggest kink) and heartily enjoys the ship's neuroses. She is also something of an indie music freak and is in the process of saving the music world from the hands of bad rappers. She is rapidly becoming something of a cynic, but Ella keeps her in check by being the Harry and Justin to her Draco and Brian. Abbey plans on going to med school so she can work with truly crazy people and provide shelter for English majors Dusty and Ella.

Ella is an instigator of the worst kind. Likes include: long walks on the beach, Jane Austen, almost any kind of daiquiri, Ron Weasley, the show House, nutella, and nutella smeared on pretty boys, among other things. She's been in love with Harry Potter since before you youngins made him popular. She spends way too much time online at places such as Eljay, the Sugarquill, and various and sundry Harry/Draco, Remus/Sirius, etc. websites. She also tends to read too many sappily romantic fanfics.

In addition to those three, this fic was betaed and britpicked by the fabulous briel1e, bribitribbit and bisforbecky. We owe them several first born children for putting up with us and our fic of insanity.

Also, several million tons of love and chocolates are to be given to talimeeka for giving us our beautiful layout and profile. Clearly, she is a god.
This baby was concieved an incredibly long time ago, or last August to be exact. Most of the writing was done about six months ago from when this bio is being written in May 2006 (can you figure out the significance?).
We do not own Harry Potter or any of the associated ideas. This is probably a good thing, but we'll leave that to you to decide.

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